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Primal Epistemology

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This ongoing series represents the exploration of a primary, intersubjective state of awareness and experience that connects us with the immediate, affective present. My intent is to 're'present a pre-rational, non-linear, and non-linguistic stage of knowing. It is perceptual, elemental and relational. Primal awareness is an intentional and intimate engagement with the sentience of the natural world. 

This work emerges from a consistent practice of attention, a way to be in the world that fully appreciates the intersubjective dimensions of our existence as a perceptually accessible foundation we share with all things. Prior to thoughts, words and intellection, we are one of the manifestations of the natural world -- its fecundity, its processes of emergence, and we remain wholly of it.  

Primal Epistemology attempts to relocate those moments of intuitive insight when we are of the world and aware of it sharing an immediate, undifferentiated affinity. Most of us have, at times, had the experience of being present in the moment, when we recognize our undeniable kinship to the natural world with a spark of inspired immediacy.



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