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As a bicultural, European and Native American, who identifies as Native American (enrolled: sovereign  Lummi Nation), I use sculpture, still and video imagery, and performative elements to evoke sensory and perceptual experiences that enable us to engage in an active, creative relationship with all beings. Primal Epistemology (as I title my current explorations) explores moments of complete perceptual awareness as the ground for experiencing the immediacy and interconnectedness of the living world. Rather than engaging our world through the filter of ideas, my work aims to "re"present these moments of perceptual awareness, evoking the Buddhist concept of prajñā and Indigenous practices of intersubjective participation with all that is. This way of practicing art–and the works that emerge reflect systems of knowledge, methods of knowledge production, and styles of awareness outside of Western empirical inquiry. My artmaking has evolved in recent years to focus on these investigations as reflected in the Primal Epistemology series.


Karl Lorenz

Tel: 612.695.5786

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